Ejercicio en línea: Presente Continuo (I): Positivo y Negativo

El Presente Continuo es el segundo tiempo que aprendemos. Este nos sirve para nombrar las acciones que acometemos en el momento en que estamos hablando y es el primer tiempo en que usamos el verbo To be como auxiliar. Para la teoría podéis consultar estas dos entradas: Presente Continuo (Formación) y Presente Continuo(Uso).

Presente Continuous (I): Positive and Negative

Presente Continuous (I): Positive and Negative

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡Rellena los huecos con las formas del Presente Continuo en Positivo y en Negativo y luego presiona Corregir para comprobar tus respuestas!
1. Finally we tonight! (to go out)

2. They their flat this summer! (to buy)

3. I a job in education. (to look for)

4. His company the deal. (not to accept)

5. Miriam to her workplace right now. (to walk)

6. I to Metallica at this moment. (not to listen)

7. My mum dinner. (to cook)

8. My sister to play the violin. (to learn)

9. U2 a concert tonight in Times Square! (to give)

10. Sadly, Sally anymore. She’s lost her job. (not to work)

11. No, I German. I don’t like it. (not to study)

12. I’m bored because I for the bus. (to wait)

13. Jonah a novel. (to write)

14. We to solve your problem right now, Sir. (to try)

15. My friends and I Westworld and it’s amazing! (to watch)

16. I to New York on holidays because I to India. (not to travel) (fly)

(not to fly) (to travel)

17. I World of Warcraft at this moment. (to play)

18. We our homework because we don’t like it. (not to do)

19. My girlfriend and I Christmas in Madrid. (to spend)

20. I my meditation session because of that. (to interrumpt)

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