Ejercicio en línea: Present Continuous (II): Positive and Negative

El Presente Continuo es el segundo tiempo que aprendemos. Este nos sirve para nombrar las acciones que acometemos en el momento en que estamos hablando y es el primer tiempo en que usamos el verbo To be como auxiliar. Para la teoría podéis consultar estas dos entradas: Presente Continuo (Formación) y Presente Continuo(Uso).

Present Continuous (II): Positive and Negative

Present Continuous (II): Positive and Negative

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡Rellena los huecos con las formas del Presente Continuo en Positivo y en Negativo y luego presiona Corregir para comprobar tus respuestas!
1. We a drink with our friends tonight. (to have)

2. I my grandparents tomorrow. (to visit)

3. He any book at the moment. (not to read)

4. We any series because we prefer films. (not to watch)

5. Julian a new motorbike this summer. (to buy)

6. My family from New York tomorrow. (to come)

7. I a new microphone. (not to get)

8. We much lately. (not to speak)

9. Sandra fat. (to get)

10. I my homework because they are very useful. (to do)

11. We a nap because we are very tired. (to have)

12. I my way of life. (not to change)

13. Luke how to use the force. (to learning)

14. We to get rich as soon as possible. (to try)

15. UEFA World Cup in Russia next year. (to celebrate)

16. I the new Call of Duty because I don’t like videogames. (not to purchase)

17. They as much as they can to buy a motorbike. (to work)

18. We as much money as we can to get new computers. (to save)

19. Life my dreams. (to destroy)

20. Don’t worry. I . (to sleep)

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