Ejercicio en línea: Presente Simple VIII (¡Mix!)

El Presente Simple es el primer tiempo que aprendemos en inglés por dos motivos: es el más sencillo y tiene pocos cambios y también es el que más se usa. Para la teoría del presente simple podéis consultar estas dos entradas: Presente Simple (Formación) y Presente Simple (Uso).

Present Simple VIII

Present Simple VIII

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

Rellena los huecos con la forma del Presente Simple en Positivo, Negativo o Pregunta. ¡No olvides las formas auxiliares para las negativas o las preguntas! Estas son DO, DOES, DON'T o DOESN'T.
1. He a lot. (to speak)

2. I beer. (not to drink)

3. I short stories just for fun. (to write)

4. You know how to make a good tea. (?)

5. They drink enough water. (?)

6. Ben attention at all. (not to pay)

7. You love me. (?)

8. Being freelance dangerous. (to be)

9. We have enough money. (?)

10. He always as hard as he can. (to try)

11. My ballon higher than yours. (to fly)

12. I always listen to movies' soundtracks while working. (?)

13. My girlfriend all the time. (to eat)

14. I The Lord of the Rings every night. (to read)

15. He and his friends Diablo III just for fun. (to play)

16. I my bike anymore because it is broken. (not to ride)

17. They skate every afternoon with their friends. (?)

18. Some people that eating turkey is bad for health. (to say)

19. I the most beautiful person I have ever met. (to be)

20. If you me, I will fail you. (to fail)

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