Ejercicio en línea: Past Continuous (I): Positive and Negative

Past Continuous (I)

Past Continuous (I)

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡¡Completa los huecos con las formas correctas de los verbos entre paréntesis. Recuerda que debes usar el PAST CONTINUOUS en su forma positiva o negativa, dependiendo del caso!
1. I yesterday all the evening. (to study)

2. He when you called him.(to sleep)

3. Glad you came! They anything interesting! (not to do)

4. I Mahna Mahna. (to sing)

5. When it started to rain, we football. (not to play)

6. My PS4 to heat after I played for 5 hours in a row. (to start)

7. We a pizza. (to have)

8. I Stranger Things, but I got bored. (to watch)

9. They at 1 a.m. (not to study)

10. Rita around the park when she saw the most gigantic dog ever! (to walk)

11. He to music when it started to snow! (to listening)

12. Sorry, I attention. (not to pay)

13. They a coffee when the fire broke out. (to drink)

14. He up his bedroom when his girlfriend appeared. (to tidy up)

15. They about series. (to talk)

16. You fast enough. (to write)

17. They at the pub. (to fight)

18. I Warhammer figures when my pencil broke up. (to paint)

19. We a tree house. (to build)

20. When you came, Steve his bike. (to ride)

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