Ejercicio en línea: Past Continuous (II): Questions

Past Continuous (II)

Past Continuous (II)

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡¡Completa los huecos con las formas correctas de los verbos entre paréntesis. Recuerda que debes usar el PAST CONTINUOUS en su forma de pregunta!
1. You (to smoke)

2. You (to do) (What)

3. He (to think) (What)

4. I (to do) anything wrong.

5. He (to eat) a pizza.

6. They (to have) a fight.

7. They (to write) an essay.

8. Lucas (to play) videogames. (When)

9. We (to watch) a footballmatch.

10. You (to behave) really bad.

11. He (to figure out) how to fix this. (Why)

12. I (to buy) a new car.

13. Charles (to paint) Warhammer figures.

14. You (to read) The Lord of the Rings.

15. We (to plan) to go for a picnic.

16. My family (to spend) the afternoon (Where)

17. I (to repot) my plants.

18. He (to clean up) his bedroom. (How)

19. They (to work hard) for their dreams until they got down.

20. Elisa (to marry) Jonathan until they broke up.

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