Ejercicio en línea: Past Continuous (III): ¡MIX!

Past Continuous (III)

Past Continuous (III)

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡¡Completa los huecos con las formas correctas de los verbos entre paréntesis. Recuerda que debes usar el PAST CONTINUOUS en su forma positiva, negativa o pregunta, según corresponda!!
1. It yesterday. (to rain)

2. I things right. (not to do)

3. He (to think) things straight. (?)

4. You (to play) videogames. (What time) (?)

5. I lunch. (to cook)

6. They a nap when the phone rang. (to have)

7. Charles attention to the teacher. (not to pay)

8. They (to run). (Why) (?)

9. You (to study) at 2 a.m. (?)

10. It this morning. (not to snow)

11. I when you disturbed me. (to read)

12. He breakfast when the toaster stopped working. (to make)

13. They on time. (not to arrive)

14. You (to speak) so loud. (Why) (?)

15. We in Tokyo last year. (to live)

16. She (to eat) dinner when I arrived. (?)

17. I well. (not to feel)

18. The journalist when the lights went off. (to broadcast)

19. We (to dream) the same dream. (Why) (?)

20. They to the meeting on time. (not to get)

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