Ejercicio en línea: Past Simple To be (Questions)

VERB TO BE (Past Simple Questions)

VERB TO BE (Past Simple Questions)

¡¡Crea preguntas!!

Rellena los huecos creando preguntas en pasado simple usando las palabras de las oraciones de arriba. Recuerda que las preguntas pueden ir en positivo o en negativo.
1. You were from Spain.

2. That pizza was very good.

3. She wasn't German.

4. You were late for the lesson.

5. I was a good student.

6. You weren't in Paris last week.

7. She was working as a teacher a year ago.

8. We weren't painting figurines.

9. He was collecting cats.

10. Warhammer figures were my favourites.

11. That wasn't a good game.

12. My girlfriend was a good girlfriend.

13. We were too awesome to complain.

14. You were very beautiful when you were younger.

15. Diana was a very intelligent teacher.

16. We weren't doing anything wrong.

17. It wasn't your fault.

18. You weren't playing the violin.

19. I was singing a song.

20. They weren't very good people.

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