Ejercicio en línea: Past Continuous (IV) ¡MIX!

Past Continuous (IV)

Past Continuous (IV)

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡¡Completa los huecos con las formas correctas de los verbos entre paréntesis. Recuerda que debes usar el PAST CONTINUOUS en su forma positiva, negativa o pregunta, según corresponda!!
1. They for a piece of land. (to fight)

2. We cold because we were wearing coats. (not to get) (to wear)

3. I (to grow) bonsais. (?)

4. He from monsters. (to hide)

5. We it secret. (not to keep)

6. They (to lose) every match. (Why) (?)

7. He to us. (to lie)

8. You pancakes. (not to make)

9. Lisa (to walking) around the neighbourhood. (What time) (?)

10. They (to sing) yesterday evening. (?)

11. You this morning. (not to teach)

12. He the best story ever. (to write)

13. They while listening to music. (to work) (to listen)

14. Lisa to her boss. (not to talk)

15. I to understand everything. (to start)

16. You (to keep) in your pocket. (What) (?)

17. I it correctly. (not to use)

18. They us the truth. (not to tell)

19. You (to have) for dinner. (What) (?)

20. I to Paris when my car broke down. (to travel)

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