Ejercicio en línea: Present Perfect (I) Positive

Present Perfect I

Present Perfect I

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis. Para ello, debes usar el tiempo llamado Present Perfect, que se compone del verbo "to have" y el participio, que se forma añadiendo -ed al final del verbo o empleando la tercera columna en los verbos irregulares.
1. I karate since I was a child. (to practice)

2. She as a waiter for fifteen years. (to work)

3. You just your bus. (to miss)

4. They already India (to visit)

5. We that film as well! (to watch)

6. Good morning, honey! I breakfast already. Hope you like it! (to make)

7. My aunt a house at this neighborhood too. (to buy)

8. I think we too much alcohol... (to bring)

9. They the police because they could’t sleep with all that noise. (to call)

10. Hey! You a new haircut! You look very pretty! (to get)

11. Help me! I my contact lenses! (to lose)

12. I to the doctor this morning. (to go)

13. We finally a look at the new Star Wars trailer! It is awesome! (to have)

14. Be careful! You never before! (to skate)

15. No, thanks. We already luch. (to eat)

16. Yeah! My sister the exam! (to pass)

17. It very funny, but I have to go now. (to be)

18. A group of youngsters heinous crimes for three years in this area. (to commit)

19. Our swords . The victory is mine. (to speak)

20. You like an idiot since you were born. (to behave)

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