Ejercicio en línea: Present Perfect (II) Positive

Present Perfect II

Present Perfect II

¡Rellena los huecos!

Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis. Para ello, debes usar el tiempo llamado Present Perfect, que se compone del verbo "to have" y el participio, que se forma añadiendo -ed al final del verbo o empleando la tercera columna en los verbos irregulares.
1. I finally Stranger Things and it’s great! (to watch)

2. The computer that you me is awesome! Thanks, mum! (to get)

3. The day dark, but now the sun is shining. (to be)

4. Don’t turn off your PC. Windows just an update. (to start)

5. He’s fine. I just on him. (to check)

6. My girlfriend never Star Wars. (to like)

7. The download . You can open the downloaded file now. (to finish)

8. You must be exhausted. You 30 miles. (to run)

9. John Jenny since the first time he saw her. (to love)

10. I finally reading your graphic novel. It’s really bad, to be honest. (to finish)

11. Amazon your order. Thanks for shopping with us. (to place)

12. My best friend just a new video on YouTube. Let’s watch it! (to upload)

13. Nah, I don’t need tools. In fact, I just the washing machine. (to fix)

14. I’m rich! I just the lottery! (to win)

15. I as a soldier for 35 years. (to serve)

16. My parents when they saw you with green hair! (to flip out)

17. I my homework. It’s gaming time now! (to do)

18. You a new tatoo! It’s so cute! (to get)

19. I for the solution for hours, but I can’t find it! (to look)

20. My PC is the most precious posession I ever . (to have)

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