Ejercicio en línea: Present Perfect (III) Negative

Present Perfect III

Present Perfect III

¡Rellena los huecos!

Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis. Para ello, debes usar el tiempo llamado Present Perfect, que se compone del verbo "to have" y el participio, que se forma añadiendo -ed al final del verbo o empleando la tercera columna en los verbos irregulares. ¡No olvides que aquí tienes que usar la forma negativa!
1. No, I World of Warcraft before. (to play)

2. She ever his cousins from Michigan. (to meet)

3. How cool! I since I was a child! (to skate)

3. I my homework before I don’t know how to do them. (to do)

4. Help! I a car tire before! (to change)

6. You ever bungee jumping, but you’ll like it. (to try)

7. Yes, please! We ! (to eat)

8. I for months. (to laugh)

9. Elsa you because she hates you. (to call)

10. They yet. (to arrive)

11. Vegetta777 a video to YouTube today. (to upload)

12. We Nintendo Wii since 2014. (to play)

13. Guild Wars 2 an update for months. (to have)

14. I a car because I have no job. (to buy)

15. We lunch! We’re starving! (to have)

16. What? You to Pink Floyd! You don’t know what you’re doing! (to listen)

17. They well, so they’re staying after school. (to behave)

18. My passion is writing, but I a line for months. (to write)

19. Most people to vote today. (to go)

20. Earth population at a very low rate since 1950. (to increase)

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