Ejercicio en línea: Future Simple (I): Positive and Negative

Future I

Future I

¡Rellena los huecos!

¡Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis! Recuerda que ahora estamos en el Futuro Simple y que este tiempo necesita del auxiliar "Will".
1. I you win! (not to let)

2. In my opinion, she the first place. (not to get)

3. I don't think we get there on time tomorrow. (to be able to)

4. If he doesn't come, I him my present. (to give)

5. A: It's very cold in here. B: I the heat. (to turn on)

6. The sky is so clean today! I don't think it tomorrow. (to rain)

7. I think that they that much food. (not to finish)

8. A: Can I have some water, please? B: Sure. I you some. (to fetch)

9. If you come for me, I the bus. (not to take)

10. A: Will you behave well? B: No, I it because I am a bad person. (not to do)

11. If you give me 10000€, I a car. (to buy)

12. I always you. I promise. (to love)

13. A: Your son has failed this exam. B: Don't worry. He more. (to study)

14. I there on time. Don't worry. (to arrive)

15. I'm so hungry that, if you don't come here quickly, I for you. (not to wait)

16. If I don't get 50 presents for my birthday, I very angry. (to be)

17. The meeting on time if this problem persists. (not to start)

18. We a burger if there isn't anything else. (to eat)

19. A: Will you marry me? B: No, I you. (not to marry)

20. He that, I think. (to like)

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