Ejercicio en línea: Present perfect (IV) Negative

Present Perfect IV

Present Perfect IV

¡Rellena los huecos!

Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta de los verbos entre paréntesis. Para ello, debes usar el tiempo llamado Present Perfect, que se compone del verbo "to have" y el participio, que se forma añadiendo -ed al final del verbo o empleando la tercera columna en los verbos irregulares. ¡No olvides emplear la forma negativa!
1. You the news, so shut up now. (to hear)

2. I Dragonlance like ever. (to read)

3. She a very cool car. You should have a look at it. (to buy)

4. I’m getting fat. I in a year. (to train)

5. Fruit and vegetables always the best food to eat. (to be)

6. Computers my passion since I was a child. (to be)

7. George to the gym for weeks. (to go)

8. World of Warcraft my main game since I was living in London. (to be)

9. I my room yet... And I really should. (to tidy)

10. I always an iPhone, but I’m gonna get a Samsung. (to have)

10. Coming to London to be a great idea! (to happen)

11. Bethesda The Elder Scrolls Online! (to release)

12. There is too much garbage that I where to start first. (to decide)

13. The Lich King . He will kill us all now. (to fall)

14. No, we cooking dinner yet. (to finish)

15. My sister me a birthday present because she has no money. (to give)

16. We don’t know why, but we ever The Walking Dead. (to watch)

17. We any beers and now they want some. (to bring)

19. I the new Call of Duty because it’s always the same thing. (to purchase)

20. Sorry, I on time because I was stuck in a traffic jam. (to come)

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