Ejercicio en línea: Present Perfect (VI): MIX

Present Perfect VI

Present Perfect VI

¡¡Rellena los huecos!

Completa las oraciones empleando la forma correcta del Present Perfect en Positivo y en Negativo. Para las preguntas, recuerda que debes hacer la pregunta completa. ¡No olvides la interrogación al final!
1. He never Warhammer: Vermintide. (to play)

2. The cooker my food. (not to cook)

3. You / to write / a novel? (?)

4. Michael Schumacher / to die (?)

5. We already that series. (to watch)

6. Francis for a year. (not to party)

7. I to the beach since I was a child. (not to be)

8. You / to do / your homework (?)

9. He / to understand / this exercise (?)

he this exercise?

10. Jenna / to have / just / the biggest hamburger ever. (?)

11. They Once Upon A Time In The West. (to play)

12. The electrician his tools. (not to bring)

13. I to do the shopping. (to forget)

14. Prince Valian one of the best comics I have ever read. (to be) (to read)

15. You / to consider / to have a nap (?)

16. He / to listen / ever to Gladiator's OST (?)

17. My friends never abroad. (to travel)

18. I any water in all day. (not to drink)

19. You / to tell / her / about your problem (?)

20. I already all the exercises on the Present Perfect Simple.

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