Ejercicio en línea: Presente Simple II: Positivo

El Presente Simple es el primer tiempo que aprendemos en inglés por dos motivos: es el más sencillo y tiene pocos cambios y también es el que más se usa. Para la teoría del presente simple podéis consultar estas dos entradas: Presente Simple (Formación) y Presente Simple (Uso).

Presente Simple II

Presente Simple II

Gap-fill exercise

¡Rellena los huecos con la forma del Presente Simple de los VERBOS ENTRE PARÉNTESIS y luego presiona Corregir para comprobar tus respuestas!
1. I to the gym every morning after breakfast. (to go)

2. They Physics at Oxford University. (to study)

3. Batman the organized crime every night. (to fight)

4. He only his laptop for gaming. (to use)

5. Sergio Ramos a very good centre-back defender. (to be)

6. I always coffee in my pink mug. (to drink)

7. She Games of Thrones a lot. (to like)

8. My friends the best friends in the world. (to be)

9. I to work every morning at 7 o'clock. (to drive)

10. My girlfriend Minecraft every night because she that game. (to play / to love)

11. My laptop black and green and it a very good graphic card. (to be / to have)

12. The Lord of the Ring films my favourite films ever. (to be)

13. My English teacher very handsome. He blonde hair and dark glasses. (to be / to have / to wear)

14. I all my short stories with my yellow fountain pen. (to write)

15. I my homework every evening on the desk in my bedroom upstairs, because it quieter up there. (to do / to be)

16. Susana never before speaking. (to think)

17. Whatever words I I always you. (to say / to love)

18. You me feel like I free again. (to make / to be)

19. Every Friday, we pasta at home because I it! (to cook / to love)

20. He to New York every summer to practice English. (to fly)

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