Ejercico en línea: Presente Simple IV: Negativo

El Presente Simple es el primer tiempo que aprendemos en inglés por dos motivos: es el más sencillo y tiene pocos cambios y también es el que más se usa. Para la teoría del presente simple podéis consultar estas dos entradas: Presente Simple (Formación) y Presente Simple (Uso).
Presente Simple (IV)

Presente Simple (IV)

¡Rellena los huecos!

¡Rellena los huecos con la forma del Presente Simple de los VERBOS ENTRE PARÉNTESIS en negativo y luego presiona Corregir para comprobar tus respuestas!
1. I films, so I play videogames. (to like)

2. He the world he lives in. (to understand)

3. My students because they are too lazy for it. (to read)

4. She make-up because it is disgusting. (to wear)

5. My cousin meat because he is vegan. (to eat)

6. I my birthday because I keep getting old and old. (to celebrate)

7. We GTA V because it is too violent. (to play)

8. They sport because they don't have time. (to do / to have)

9. Batteries included with the toy. (to be)

10. I you are right. (to think)

11. To drink too much water you harm. (to make)

12. We carbohydrates after 6pm. (to take)

13. I because I prefer going to swim. (to run)

14. Víctor World of Warcraft because it is too adictive! (to play)

15. You very clever, are you? (to be)

16. I , I prefer to call. (to text)

17. If you a job, you will never have money to buy a car. (to look for)

18. I a Samsung Galaxy S6, I want an iPhone 6! (to want)

19. My mum with you. (to agree)

20. My teacher me speak in class. (to let)

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