Ejercicio en línea: Past Simple VIII (Mix!)



¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta del verbo entre paréntesis en PASADO SIMPLE. Recuerda que debes usar los auxiliares DID y DIDN'T para preguntas o negativas, según corresponda. ¡Ten cuidado también con los verbos irregulares!
1. Yesterday, I a new TV. (to buy)

2. She any questions. (not to have)

3. I the best pasta dish ever. (to cook)

4. You went to London last year. (?)

5. Last week, I to Australia. (to travel)

6. She alcohol in the party. (not to drink)

7. You behaved very well yesterday. (?)

8. Varian my king. (not to be)

9. I classics at the university. (not to study)

10. You liked my poem. (?)

11. She her lunch today. (not to eat)

12. My cousin a car last night. (to steal)

13. I last evening singing. (to spend)

14. My uncle the highest skyscraper ever. (not to build)

15. You flew to Madrid this morning. (?)

16. I a butterfly. (not to catch)

17. She me very well. (to know)

18. My mother me pancakes yesterday. (to make)

19. I school when I 10 years old. (to leave) (to be)

20. That movie gave me the creeps. (?)

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