Ejercicio en línea: Past Simple To be (Negative)

VERB TO BE (Past Simple Negative)

VERB TO BE (Past Simple Negative)

¡¡Rellena los huecos!!

¡Rellena los huecos con la forma correcta del verbo TO BE! Recuerda que este verbo en pasado simple negativo tiene dos formas: WASN'T O WEREN'T.
1. He that bad.

2. The burger very big.

3. They here on time.

4. It very polite from you.

5. Mahna Mahna a good song!

6. It his car.

7. They very nice.

8. Gaming a good hobby.

9. Trees tall and green.

10. Alexander the Great the king of US.

11. Your beard very long and dark.

12. Breaking Bad a very bad series.

13. That merging going very well.

14. He here on time.

15. You a good boyfriend.

16. Julie and Anne good friends.

17. Alice's husband german.

18. My holidays funny.

19. We behaving very good with him.

20. I a very good football player.

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