Ejercicio en línea: Presente Simple I: Positivo

El Presente Simple es el primer tiempo que aprendemos en inglés por dos motivos: es el más sencillo y tiene pocos cambios y también es el que más se usa. Para la teoría del presente simple podéis consultar estas dos entradas: Presente Simple (Formación) y Presente Simple (Uso).

Presente Simple (I)

Presente Simple (I)

¡Rellena los huecos!

¡Rellena los huecos con la forma del Presente Simple de los VERBOS ENTRE PARÉNTESIS y luego presiona Corregir para comprobar tus respuestas!
I a lot of films on my compputer every weekend. (to watch)

My cousin always in the same hotel when he to Madrid. (to stay / to travel)

They us sweets when we them. (to bring / to visit)

She the game World of Warcraft because it awesome and most of her friends it. (to love / to be / to play)

My father on my sofa to watch films. (to sit)

I my girlfriend a lot of presents because I her. (to give / to love)

Minecraft a very good educational game to learn English. (to be)

You so many tricks about how to write well that it unbelievable. (to know / to be)

They the clock so often because they to leave. (to watch / to want)

I a very nice pencilcase, but I my sister's pencilcase! I it! (to have / to want / to love)

I always everything at Mediamarkt or El Corte Inglés. (to buy)

We about politicians, but nobody to us. (to complain / to listen)

She to the gym five times a week and she thinner. (to go / to be)

They football as much as they can because it them crazy! (to play / to drive)

You a lot of notes in that wallet! (to have)

To have a car you freedom. (to give)

Best-seller writers one or two books a year. (to write)

Popeye spinachs every day because they good for health. (to eat / to be)

To listening to music while working you motivated. (to keep)

Samuel walking and pictures every morning to keep fit. (to go / to take)

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